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This blog is just me, going on about the goings-on in my head. I identify as a feminist, I identify as a vegan. These are at the forefront of my daily thinking . As such, many posts take this as a point of departure without much back-story. For readers not familiar with one or both of these ideologies or for those interested in understanding my “brand” of veganism or feminism, there are links for both of these topics on their respective tabs: (“for the vag” and “for the veg”).  Because I am an academic by trade, I spend my days tempering my perspective in the hopes that I can be even-handed, avoid alienating readers or misinterpreting data. I can only do that if I also get space to let my vegan vagina roar. Hence, this blog. I don’t care if I alienate you. I do not intend to be even-handed.

Today, this blog is all about my ramblings and the comments posted and the conversations that ensue. If there is enough interest I hope to make it more of a communal effort in the future.



Troll policy

As you just read, this blog has an opinion, if you leave a comment simply to say things like “Dude, I really wanna eat a hamburger off of a naked chick right now,” or anything else as stupid or just intending to fill the posts with pointless angst it will be deleted. If you have a brain and read the post/comment to which you are responding your post will be left- even if I disagree.