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INTRO TO FEMINISM from Bitch Magazine.

and here is a more academic take on the various branches of feminism from the stanford encyclopedia of philosophy

Feminazi is a dirty word

An exercise I would often do in gender classes is to ask students to raise their hands if they considered themselves a feminist. Only two or three hands ever went up. Some woman would inevitably raise her had during our discussion of feminism and stumble through a long drawn out conflicted narrative of how she believes in equality, and she thinks there is equality, but maybe there isn’t equality, and if there is gender inequality then that’s not good, but she isn’t “like, a feminazi, or anything like that.” In that moment I would always scream yogic mantras inside my head to calm myself enough to make this a learning moment, not a screaming moment.

This term epitomizes the way inequality and the repression of social justice advocacy works. Feminists are people fighting for equality. Nazis were people who actively and violently repressed others to institute a harsh system based on inequality. To equate those fighting against oppression with  those in the oppressor class is not only inaccurate, but insulting. It is a dirty trick to try to blemish a good cause.

Here is my post on what I consider to be the best of the best in terms of feminist literature.

  1. Cherry Bomb permalink
    May 1, 2010 3:23 am

    Hi Vegina, I was hoping to catch you at the WAAR chat later on, but I have been suspended from that little group, so I will keep up to date with what you are doing on here instead. You write so wonderfully, thank you

    • May 2, 2010 12:14 am

      suspended? oh no! it was a good chat and i missed meeting you. thank you for posting on this page, it reminds me it needs to be finished!


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